Israeli Embassy donates medical equipment to three hospitals

The Embassy of Israel in Nepal donated medical equipment to three hospitals – Bir Hospital, Patan Hospital and Dhulikhel Hospital – to help fight Covid-19 and other ailments, and enhance its overall health care amenities.

The Embassy donated ABC Machine and Patient Monitor to Bir Hospital while Anesthesia Ventilators with two Vapourisers, Patient Monitor, and Electrocardiograph to Patan Hospital, and a Tumbler Dryer to Dhulikhel Hospital.


According to a statement issued by the Embassy, it purchased the shipment of medical supplies as per the needs of the hospitals, to show its support and solidarity.

“This is a part of the ongoing cooperation between Israel and Nepal. This donation is a symbol of our common struggle against COVID-19,” said Hanan Goder, Ambassador of Israel, while expressing contentment to be able to contribute to the medical sector of Nepal, during the handover programme.

“The gift from Israeli Embassy is a wonderful gesture from well-wishers across the globe to Nepali people struggling against the pandemic,” said Dr Rabi Shakya, Director at the Patan Hospital.

Similarly, Dr Ram KM Shrestha, Director of Dhulikhel Hospital said, “The long-standing relationship of Dhulikhel Hospital with the Embassy of Israel in Nepal has enhanced our pursuits in providing quality health services to all. This support to the laundry department is a critical element in ensuring good hygiene and high-end care to the patients. We are thankful to Ambassador Hanan and the team at the Embassy for the goodwill and support. We look forward to continued collaborations ahead.”

Likewise, Dr Rishi Bisht, Sr Consultant Surgeon at Bir Hospital, expressed sincere gratitude to the people of Israel for this gesture of love in these harsh times.

This cooperation is a manifestation of the cordial bilateral ties between Nepal and Israel. The Embassy looks forward to future cooperation in the health sector, according to the Israeli Embassy.